Lickorish Family

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John Frederick Thomas

M, #1391, b. 1877


FatherFrederick Thomas (b. about 1854)
MotherEllen Harriett Cullum

Family: Ada Alice Knight (b. 1880)

SonFrederick George Thomas (b. 1900, d. 27 September 1918)
DaughterGladys Elizabeth Thomas+ (b. 6 September 1901, d. 1982)
SonHorace John Thomas+ (b. 1910)
Great Grandfather John Frederick Thomas


John Frederick Thomas was born in 1877 in Hull, Yorkshire, June Qtr Sculcoates 9D 174. He and Ada Alice Knight were married on 15 March 1898 in The Register Office, Isle Of Sheppey, Marriage by Certificate not banns. Ada's age is 18yrs.
John Frederick Thomas was enumerated on the census of 1901 in 3 Fleet Row, Sheerness, Kent. He was enumerated on the census of 1911 in 3 Short Street, Mile Town, Sheerness, Kent.

Edith Maud Fitzhugh

F, #1392, b. 1876

Family: John Henry Lickerish (b. 1870, d. 1907)

DaughterCharlotte Dorothy G Lickorish (b. 1900)
DaughterHilda A Lickorish (b. 1902)
DaughterEllen Rebecca Lickorish (b. 1905)
SonPhillip William J Lickorish+ (b. 19 September 1907, d. 1986)


Edith Maud Fitzhugh was born in 1876 in Milton, Northhants. She and John Henry Lickerish were married in September 1897 in Hardingstone, Northhants. She and Robert Hill were married in 1916.
Edith Maud Fitzhugh was enumerated on the census of 1911 in (10 ?) Street, Far Cotton, Northamptonshire, Edith Maud, aged 35, is shown as a Widow married for 10 years with 4 children all surviving. She is a boarder with Robert Hill and his family for whom she is cook.Dorothy is 10 scholar, Hilda 8 scholar, Ellen 5 scholar and Phillip 3.There where five rooms.
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Arthur Lickerish

M, #1393, b. 1897


FatherArthur Lickerish (d. 1951)
MotherSarah Ann Bland

Family: Ida Bradford (b. about 1897)

SonRaymond G Lickerish+ (b. 29 July 1925, d. December 1981)


Arthur Lickerish was born in 1897 in Wellingboro, Northants. He and Ida Bradford were married on 28 February 1925 in All Saints, Wellingborough, Northants.
Arthur Lickerish was a Platelayer on 28 February 1925.

Florence Letitia Turner

F, #1394

Family: Alfred Thomas Lickorish (d. 1929)

DaughterIda Doris Lickorish (b. 1894, d. 14 September 1944)
SonAlfred Thomas Lickorish+ (b. 30 March 1898, d. 13 May 1952)


Florence Letitia Turner and Alfred Thomas Lickorish were married in June 1892 in Aston.

Herbert Bradshaw

M, #1395

George Goodwin Southwell Bradford

M, #1396


DaughterIda Bradford+ (b. about 1897)


George Goodwin Southwell Bradford witnessed the marriage of Arthur Lickerish and Ida Bradford on 28 February 1925 in All Saints, Wellingborough, Northants.
George Goodwin Southwell Bradford was a Foreman Finisher on 28 February 1925.

Martha Ann S Hullatt

F, #1397

Family: John Lickerish (b. 1865, d. September 1948)

SonErnest George Lickerish+ (b. 1889, d. 1930)


Martha Ann S Hullatt and John Lickerish were married in 1888 in Wellingboro.

Ellen Elizabeth Buckingham

F, #1398

Family: Charles Elias Lickrish (b. 1867, d. 1949)

DaughterPhyllis Lilian Lickerish (b. 1901)


Ellen Elizabeth Buckingham was born in Finedon, Northants. She and Charles Elias Lickrish were married in 1894 in Northampton Under the name Lickorish.

Edgar Lickorish

M, #1399, b. October 1921, d. 2001


Edgar Lickorish was born in October 1921. He died in 2001, at age ~80.
Edgar Lickorish appeared in the Psgr List on 26 November 1954 Edgar Lickorish aged 34 lands at Plymouth having travelled cabin class from Barbados aboard the SS Antilles gives occupation as painter and address as Hotel, England.
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Joan Violet Lickorish

F, #1400, b. 7 February 1920, d. 2001


Joan Violet Lickorish was born on 7 February 1920. She died in 2001, at age ~81.