Lickorish Family

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Caroline Ellen Puchin

F, #1111, b. about 1828, d. 25 July 1900

Family: Joshua Lickorish (d. 8 November 1892)

DaughterCaroline Lickorish (b. 1852, d. 1867)
SonWalter James Lickorish (b. 14 January 1855)
DaughterElizabeth Ann Lickorish (b. 1858, d. 23 April 1881)
SonJoseph Lickorish (b. 11 July 1860)


Caroline Ellen Puchin was born about 1828 in Cosby, Leicestershire. She and Joshua Lickorish were married in 1851 Jun Qtr 1851 Blaby. She died on 25 July 1900 in Kytes Hardwick Burial date.

Elizabeth Ann Lickorish

F, #1112, b. 1858, d. 23 April 1881
ReferencesJonathan Lickorish 1698-1741
Richard Lickorish 1597/8 - 1670


FatherJoshua Lickorish (d. 8 November 1892)
MotherCaroline Ellen Puchin (b. about 1828, d. 25 July 1900)


Elizabeth Ann Lickorish was born in 1858 in Kisby (Census 1881 War.) She died on 23 April 1881, at age ~23, in Kytes Hardwick. She was buried on 30 April 1881 in Leamington Hastings, Warwick.
Elizabeth Ann Lickorish appeared in the census in 1881 shows her as a dressmaker unmarried at Leamington Hastings.
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Susanna Elizabeth Pate

F, #1113, b. about 1841, d. 11 March 1899


Susanna Elizabeth Pate was born about 1841 from age at death. She and William Earnshaw Lickorish were married on 6 February 1888 in St Andrews, Biggleswade, Spinster aged 46. She died on 11 March 1899 in West Kensington Park M'sex aged 58 years.
Susanna Elizabeth Pate made a will which shows her death as 11/3/1899 living at 18, Dewhurst Rd, West Kensington Park, M'sex. Leaves her estate of £184-7-9 to Husband William Earnshaw Lickorish a Companys Secretary.
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Lucy Beatrice

F, #1114, b. about 1866, d. 20 November 1933


Lucy Beatrice was born about 1866 from age at death. She and Joseph Lickorish were married. She died on 20 November 1933 in Wennington Junction Nr Lancaster. aged 67 years.
Lucy Beatrice left a will in which it shows she was at The Station House, Wennington when she died and Her husband Joseph station master, had probate effects £983-19-9d,Will Index shows she was at The Station House, Wennington when she died and Her husband Joseph station master, had probate effects £983-19-9d.
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Mary Wilcock

F, #1115, d. 25 February 1952


Mary Wilcock and Joseph Lickorish were married in September 1936 in Lancaster. She died on 25 February 1952 in 127, Torrisholme Road, Lancaster, Probate to Maurice Hall, dairyman and Edmund Hall Farmer. Effects £7458-14-7d.

Sarah Therese Lickerish

F, #1117


David Paul Lickerish

M, #1118


Gemma Lickerish

F, #1120