James Edward Lickorish

M, (1893 - 1915)
  • Birth*: James Edward Lickorish was born on 16 November 1893 at Horncastle, Lincoln.
  • He was the son of William Lickorish and Sarah Jane Walker.
  • Military Service*: He was was a sergeant in the 1st/4th battallion of the Lincolnshire Regiment Service Number 951 and lost in the battle at Loos France. He is remembered at the war memorial at Woodhall Spa his home town. Also on panel 31 to 34 at LOOS Memorial Cemetery, Pas de Calais France. Here are buried 1700 officers and men who fought in the battle it also honours the 20,000 men who fell in the area from the River Lys to the old southern boundary of the First Army, east and west of Grenay, who have no known grave.
  • Death*: He died in 1915 at Loos, FRANCE.