Jonathan Lickorish

M, (1698 - 1741)
  • Baptism*: Jonathan Lickorish was baptized on 4 February 1698 at Wolston, Warwick.
  • He was the son of Joshua Lickorish and Mary Lickorish.
  • Marriage*: He married Elizabeth Hill on 24 June 1729 at St Micheal, Coventry.
  • Will*: He left a will; Was a Husbandman, an inventory of his goods and chattels came to the value of £174 7s 6d upon his death in 1741. Amongst his possessions were 37 lambs, 17 shargs sheep and 28 ewes, 2 cows, 8 hogs and pigs, 6 horses and mares and two foles, 8 sheep. He also had wheat, barley, beans and hay to the value of £58. He was an overseer in 1730 and a churchwarden in 1740 in the parish of Leamington Hastings.
  • Death*: He died on 1 September 1741 at Broadwell, Warwick, at age 43.

Family: Elizabeth Hill