Harriet Lickorish

F, (1840 - )
  • Birth*: Harriet Lickorish was born on 22 April 1840 at St Mary, Warwick.
  • She was the daughter of Jonathan Lickorish and Harriet Woodward.
  • Census 1861*: She appeared on the census at Leamington Priors; at 15, Clarendon Place North, Leamington Priors, with her mother they are lodging with the Neale family, Harriet is a governess.
  • Census 1871*: She appeared on the census; her at 15 Binswood Street, Leamington a Infant School Mistress, lodging with the Neale family.
  • Census 1891*: She appeared on the census; her as a patient ( lunatic) in the Powick Asylum, Worcestershire, she used to be a school mistress.
  • Census 1901*: She appeared on the census; shows her as patient at Rubery Hill Asylum, 60 years School Mistress (Lunatic).