Ann Lickorish

F, (1866 - 1941)

Ann Lickorish, date of photo unknown.
  • Birth*: Ann Lickorish was born on 5 November 1866 at Leamington Hastings, Warwick.
  • She was the daughter of Jonathan Lickorish and Ann Eagles.
  • Baptism: She was baptized on 30 December 1866 at Kytes Hardwick.
  • Census*: She appeared on the census of 1881; 1881 Census shows her in service for the Wright family at Long Itchington.
  • Census: She appeared on the census of 1911 at Ormonde Lodge, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells; Shows Ann aged 44 Single and cook for Frances Katherine Hope 64 single. Ann is one of 6 servants living in. Had 23 rooms.
  • Death*: She died on 3 December 1941 at age 75.
  • Will*: She left a will; Will Index shows her at same adddress on dying and left will James Lickorish r'td asylum attendant as excutor effects £1250-7-9d.