Ann Lickorish

F, (1846 - )
  • Birth*: Ann Lickorish was born on 27 February 1846 at Birdingbury, Warwick.
  • She was the daughter of Richard Lickorish and Elizabeth Cherry.
  • Census 1861*: She appeared on the census at Leamington Hastings, Warwickshire; shows her aged 15 a Housemaid in the CONGREVE House. Thomas Congreve is a farmer of 500 acres.
  • Census 1881*: She appeared on the census; She is domestic servant in the household of John Walker, Stockton Road, Southam. John walker is a farmer of 120 acres.
  • Census 1891*: She appeared on the census; 1891 Census shows her visiting Thomas Lickorish at 13 Post Office Lane, Stockton. She is a domestic Servant.
  • Census 1911*: She appeared on the census at Hockmore Street, Cowley, Oxford; Shows Ann aged 65, single a Charwoman. With 2 boarders, Sarah Hobbs aged 40 Married for 22 years with 4 children 3 surviving and Elizabeth Hobbs aged 14. They had 4 rooms.